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How to make a perfect mini channel letter

Mini channel letters always famous as it’s small, delicacy, fashion and pretty ,that’s why it keeps so high popularity for long time, so how to make a perfect character to ensure the market share, where to take up ? just follow LED module manufacturer DongSenLED to see :

1. Material: A good material is the biggest assurance which a product can remain invincible in the market , as well as mini channel letter, responsible manufacturers usually choose high quality acrylic board.

2. Technology: Good material should match the same good technology, so that can make attractive channel letters, so a good manufacturers should have professional technician team and advanced facilities.

3. Paint: It needs to use paint when produce channel letter, only good paint can reach the requirement of color uniformity.

4. LED Sign Module: For channel letter production ground, LED layout is the key step, since perfect LED layout can make your mini channel letters highly unified, Dongsenled’s inject led module with lens could offer perfect lights effects, bright and uniform.

How to make a perfect mini channel letter