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LED Module

LED Module Installation Guide

Tool required: wire strippers, drilland screw driver and screws

1. Noting metal Box depth, width and face material, choose the suitable spacing and quantity of led module, Carefully choose the acrylic panel, the light-diffusion and permeating of which has great effect on brightness and uniform of the light from boxes.

2. Clean and remove all debris inside the channel letters.

3. Using LED placement from Step 1, remove tapes on the backside and stick LED Module into place.

4. For firm fixing, use screws to secure the led module within the channel letter.

5. Drill the holes at the bottom or side of the letters for the wire connection to the DC power supply wire access.

6. LED Modules may be connected in series or parallel with connectors. Cap all usused wires. The strand of module should not be loop to creat a closed circuit.

7. Run a wire from the Power supply to each channel letter and connect to the first LED module on the strip. Must be used with 12V Power supplies.

8. Connect the Red wire(+) of the LED Module to the Red wire (+) of the LED Power supply. Connect the black wire(-) of the led module to the black wire (-) of the power supply.